Sunday, December 24, 2017

Czon, On the roads to the twilight again,

On my way to leaving Sweden again for a Czonspiracy Pop-Up Art tour through Europe.

See yah all in Trazmos, Triora, Zugarrmurdi, Valencia, Cartagena, Nazare, Malaga, Saintes de la Mer, Mundaka and on many other places. Mayve we will see what Space Invader has done in France.'
Models up for a collab, get in touch !

Surfs Up my Friends from the Twilight,

The following image from the series: Cluster B Fearytales part 3
First jury selection to the Halland Art Museum where it was part of Workshop No. 3 in a series about the death dance.
Later also exhibited on Drott's medieval ruin in Visby during Gotland Art Week.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Czon on Gotland art week (Visby)

Gosh... we went to see my exhibit hall in Visby : S:t Drottens Kyrkoruin.... Gosh! This place is an epic and giant abandon church. Cool but the size is enourmous. But somehow we will manage this exhibit 💀❤💀
Pre opening-vernissage 
Date 20Aug Time 20.00

Exhibit : Dates 21-27 August 2017.
Party/ finnissage : Date 26Aug Time 20.00

Welcome to my nightmares 💜

Saturday, June 13, 2015

"a saga of Sanctimonious" aka. "the lost girl"

evil princess, photographer, swedish, anynomous
"a saga of Sanctimonious" aka. "the lost girl" 
She said she did not want anyone to see her,  she said she hated the attention,,
the silence when she walk into a room and everybody stared.
Anyhow I think she loved it & She Dazzled us all with her fragile strength 

She stood there in front of the mirror,stared at herself and tried to see the errors that were not there, 

She put the face on for all of us, the happiest girl around, all of us saw her, loved her, adored her.
In real she was the most fragile lost girl I ever loved.

Maybe she was a tale made of abandoned fear(ies) or maybe she was my mare of my nightmare, 

I know, I loved her but that was not enough, 

Centuries went its course, I still see her in the mirror,a ghost of the past and the present, 

the most beautiful in eternity. Damned if you do and damned if you dont.

Upcoming exhibit : 11Juli until 03aug - Galleri BlÄ Porten.

Topmodel for the photo above : Cristina Maria Saracut

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Czon : Exhibition in Sweden.

Kalmar & the mystical island: Öland
we went there again, me, Crusty Dolorez and Sidekick Jessica.
To the places where all the demons are chasing,
where the fatal witches and fairies are in a magical dance,
beside the coastal road along the virgins blue paradise and hell.
The sirens with their deadly songs, I'm drawn to them,
they are drawn to me, Lilith's all deadly offspring.
Damned if you do, damned if you dont.
Kalmar, Öland, Borgholm, Byxelkrok, Vida, Möckleby, KĂ€lla, Trollskogar and fallen castles >
Do not miss our exhibition at Galleri blÄ porten.

Vernissage : 11juli - 2015
There, you will not only get to meet Ölands all legends and myths but also Kalmar's own curse.
Welcome or see yah there / Czon

Friday, January 23, 2015

Icons, Vampires & abandoned fairytales by Czon

Some of this months upcoming exhibitions where Czon participate
(and the locations where you can buy Czon's originals)
Icons - Women in photography 
Galleri AGARDH Tornvall - Stockholm. 29jan - 21feb.
(Group Exhibition with; Terry O'Neill, CZON, Mary McCartney, Albert Watson, Åslin, Bergmark)

Some reviews :
*Eight photographers displays photos that are already, or if we guess correctly, that will become classic / Konst i stan

*This exhibition features a total of 25 photographic works, who has a close relationship with actresses and film stars with a large audience. Women with an intimate relationship to the camera as mediators of feelings, impressions and composition. In the exhibition's images appear the particular voltage and charging that arise in cooperation between the professional photographer and the successful actress. / Listen Norway

Vampires and oknytt that drained me, my truth
Artroom Mellerud 07feb-28feb
CZON, shows parts of his meetings with legends, myths, demon and vampires that drained him.

Selected works from Czon's abandoned fairytales 
Tres Hombres Art Gallery
(right now, selected works from Czon's latest German period)

We wish yah all welcome / CZON & Team Underground

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eve of destruction - Czon at Teufelsberg

Czon, nude, art, models, sweden, france, italy
Today, almost a year ago, I got access to the iconic and legendary Russian spy base Teufelsberg (Devil's Mountain) for my first time, it´s built on the ruins of the demolished Berlin.
This thanks to my friend and art broker Niklas Mascher on Brandinavia.
When the berlin wall fell in the former GDR they abandoned the complex and to go around there, amidst the abandoned's a strange feeling. Devastating beautiful, perhaps one of the world's last true utopian and apocalyptic places. The gates are guarded by "squatters" but many streetart performers have been admitted to enter the area to set up the great artwork.

Have been here several times, both alone and with models from all over the world,
the picture you can see in this post is the Italian model "Silblustorm" who played Eva in my visions,
She is the Eve of another twilight, maybe the BPD paradise,
she is the "Eve of Destruction" maybe in a broken future or is it a lost past?
I do not honestly know, she had the apple that she later broke with her Grrrl power.

The image comes from the series:
Eve of Destruction sold in Ostseebad Kunsthalle in March-May 2014.
Photo by CZON, Assist, stylin & makeup by Persephone, Model was Silblustorm.
A video from on of our shooting at Teufelsberg is available here: Czon in Germany
Other; I ill visit Sedish radio P4 again January 5, maybe a little more info on what's happening 2015;)

Sunday, November 9, 2014

DIE Mauer and the memory remains

I have worked in the old East or in what is popularly known as the former DDR/GDR.
Has been invited as artist in residence to create lasting art and then again to create works with an "impact" on the region. Spent a large part of 2013 and 2014 there.
It is so devastatingly beautiful, the people, the plastered facades that tries to hide all the broken cracks.
Mecklenburg with the German Riviera, perhaps one of the most beautiful places
with small towns Kuhlungsborn, Warnemunde, Heiligendamm.
The proximity to Berlin with the pulse, the dirt, the backstreets, the tempo and the pure decadence.
It's easy to fall in love with these places, I have done it,

The above picture I took in Mauerpark in central Berlin with the french model Melcha,
at the place where people just celebrated the 25-year anniversary of its fall,
The wall; it was the symbolic border between East and West, between democracy and dictatorship.
When you study the picture you can see a lot more of my thoughts on it.
The wall, the location, the breakup, loneliness, frailty, the fragile, fear, longing,
the woman, she´s naked but wearing a heavy dress of chains,
death and skeletons lurking at her feet,,
Who was she? Where was she? Then and now?
*Interpret me how you want, pour me full of answers!

As a swedish band once sang (Ebba Grön):
All the beautiful roses are wet, with the blood of your holy crusade.
and I will never forgive what happened at the wall.
I have thought a hell of a lot, a lot to escape.
I wanted to see her body, I wanted to caress her skin.
hear her voice, to be near her, I'll whisper in her ear;
We could live here ...

The image will be released in a small limited edition at Gallery Tres Hombres.

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Time went by

Been on a meeting, it felt right,
has received many inquiries from various curators, exhibitors, managers, galleries etc but this time I decided right away that we will continue to ride together.
Hell yes and here we go! (more info to come)

Hopefully, it also means good things for those who are wondering (emailing, asking) where to buy works of Czon except at shows. (more info will come soon.)

Photo: Where time stopped, then, now and 4-ever by Czon
Location / County: Blekinge at the abandoned sawmill.
Model: Mia aka. Miss Massacre,
Assist; Sidekick Jessica.

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Space Invader, Grrrl & Czon - Art coup at Mjellby Konstmuseum.

Homage "art-heist/coup" on Mjellby art museum in Halmstad at the opening of: Woman - international feminist avant-garde from the 1970s.
However, we are self more at home in the Riot Grrrl punk movement but wanted to show our appreciation for the early feminist avant-garde art. We chose eight images of our works depicting strong conquering women who do not take any crap. Two of  the pictures show our own "Underground Grrrl" (see previous post)
The works were hung during the inauguration on the gallery walls.
A few curious visitors were lively and discovered the coup, they applauded silently and came with appreciative comments.

The picture above was taken by; Ms.Mindfckr and represents a genuine Space Invader art brick from his last visit in Halmstad and a "propaganda Grrrl" and also Czon from Underground will take over ..

There is one more Space Invader piece in Halmstad but it has "accidentally" been paint over.
I hope one day they scrape up the art again.Just Space Invader is my own personal favorite of street performers, even slightly better than Shepard Fairey, Faile, MBW, Banksy and co.
soon; ,, 8h.oct & the new era of art to come ...
Absolut Switzerland, or was it in Sweden ?

Monday, August 11, 2014

the new era of streetart to come - Czon & Team Underground

the new era of streetart to come
Autumn comes early here, summer is taking her last breath,
and we are soon lurking in the shadows again

Now its time to raise the standard of street art, the paradigm shift has arrived,
Right now in our Underground studio on the Swedish westcoast: the finest and brightest artists,
from all over Sweden, we´re preening, we´re founding, we´re on it & hell yes :
We´re Underground!

Friday, June 20, 2014

Underground Tale : Midsummernight dreams

#dreams #nude #legends #myths #midsummer #solstice
Photo by Czon
The shortest night & the longest day,
The most beutiful dream,
cant come true,
belive me, its just dreams & nothing more.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Ebola kicker - join us !

become a Underground Ebola kicker
& get a free limited & signed edition print.
Beside that you also got
"Czon von Underground" & "Underground will take over" pressreleases, exclusive offers of limited prints and free giveaways´s.
Always before media know anything about what we´re doing here in the shadows of the Underground & before openings at vernissage and more.
*Everyone join us before aug 01 - 2014 will get the Ebola Kicker Limited edition print.
Push the pic & become a Ebola Kicker

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Underground will take over England ?

Czon´s "Underground Grrl" have now been exhibited around Europe in galleries and are also represented at the iconic streetart area of Artbase Teufelsberg in the centre of Berlin.
She has also been seen as streetart in cities like Berlin, Potsdam. Rostock, Gothenburg and more.

Made this English "We came in Peace" for an upcoming exhibit,
We think its time for our UG-Grrl to take over England.

Read more about UG Girl and some of her Riot´s here :
Underground Grrl @teufelsberg and as streetart
Underground Grrl @röda sten - art heist (swedish, use translate)
Underground Grrl @Börgerende/Berlin streetart (swedish - use translate)
Underground Grrl @then we take Berlin

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Czon & the Witch

Interesting articles in Swedish media about the last witch burned in Sweden as we noted with her own heritage sign between Falkenberg and Halmstad.
Unfortunately we can not link up any articles as they are only available for paying customers to the newspapers :( Sorry soo you also miss a good article about Czon, Persephone, Exhibits, Vogue, Banksy, Art, Cristima Maria Saracut, Czon´s adventures in Germany, and more geurilla art.

Anyway, a great tribute to the reporter who managed to find his way to us in our hiding nest.
Ps: if you are passing Halmstad, pay a visit to the Art Museums of Halland,
there you´ll see more of the beautiful witch / Czon

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Banksy Stockholm - Denial by Czon von Underground.


There has been some rumours in the papers / media about "the Banksy" artshow in Stockholm.

I Czon hereby state :

Czon & Underground had no knowledge about the Banksy art heist in Stockholm and we sure as hell didnt drive Banksy´s van !
Who or which artist that are my friends is my private business and nobody elses.*The Underground will take over !

Read more at :

We reveal - Czon alleged to be behind the "Banksy exhibition"

CZON denies involvement in Banksy art coup

Monday, March 24, 2014

Czon von Underground @ art museum Halland @ ostseebad kunsthalle

Czon @ Ostseebad Kunsthalle / Germany March 2014
Exhibition Germany 
Gosh, just came back home to Sweden from Germany where I am exhibited at the Ostseebad Kunsthalle in Kuhlungsborn. I also once more went back to Teufelsberg and Im now exhibited there with an Czon Underground Girl.

Exhibition Sweden, vernissage 23 march
Today I visited the vernissage at Hallands art museum where I participate,
(there is also a "big art happening" in Sthlm)
the museum is our county museum for art in Halland / Sweden)
It was crazy, just loved it from my hearth.
There were visitors from everywhere & not all of the them could get into the vernissage at once, instead they had to stay in the stairs for a long time before they got in. But everyone was happy.

the exhibit is ongoing until the 18th of may 2014.

This year I´ll work in secret with my project :
as close as no one may go,,,...
Will also work and do some exhibitions in Germany and a lot more gerilla art.
More info to come

See ya all soon / Czon von Underground

Image above :
Czon at Ostseebad Kunsthalle (Germany)

Image below
Czon & Shewolf at Art Museum of Halland (Swe)

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vernissage - Hallands Konstmuseum 23/3 - Welcome

Hey, its time for Vernissage : Hallands Konstmuseum "VĂ„rsalong" 
Time : Sunday 23/3 at 14.00 (Halmstad). Exhibit : 23mars until 18maj - 2014.

For those of you who heard the radio interview on P4 this morning: 
I never had the time to tell you: 
You can see more of Burned Hall witch at Halland Art Museum's Spring Salon in Halmstad,
and more of our witches like Blue Virgo af BlÄkulla (Swedens brocken), the Andromeda Hallandica
& also Gatustens-chey which is my homage to Sture & Ninna (the org,UG) for Haschflickan 69.
*Soo hell yes, come by !

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the last witch on the bonfire - street art / cultural sign

Fine art nude, nude, naked, art, arty, culture,
Underground will take over continues their fight for goblins, beings, witches and all other of Lilith's offsprings.
Now it was time for our seventh (street art) cultural sign to come up. (See video - link here)
It is a  legend/tale from a dark time in our history that has been forgotten. This is our way of honor her.
During a long dark night under a full moon in 2013 Czon met her and here is her story :

the Burned hall (rock) witch aka. BrÀnnhalladÀgan.
A forgotten and repressed history of Sweden's last burned witch.

Beside a private road in Eftra between Falkenberg and Halmstad, one can at dusk and during the night see her guise, naked with retinue of unknown bright or a kind of dazzling fire light walking along the road.
She is said to be the last witch in Sweden who was burned to death.
They took her life with a bonfire at this rock .
According to residents in the area, you can often hear her sobbing and crying in the night.

On this place, a long time ago, on these rocks, she was executed whit fire,
Someone carved in Roman script and runes : "For offenses against religion, the witch was burned of the fire of God. King Karl. Fundahn erose".
The text was probably written by the priest Rasmus Fundahns son Sven ( 1684-1763 ) .

In 1930 the text was rediscovered by dr.Thorsten Friedlander who had been told about the location of the patients who saw the witch or her guise at dusk, those started to suffer from her curse .
They described that they felt great shame and guilt for the crimes we and the church subjected her to ..

This Cultural sign is a gift from: " Underground will take over" who raised it in March 2014.

Trivia: Genesis says " a sorceress Thou shalt not suffer to live "
1559 executed the first witch in Sweden. The worst times was the persecution around 1660 when over 300 womans were accused of witchcraft, officially the last witch in Sweden executed was Anna Ersdotter 1704.
However they tortured several 1757 for witchcraft. 1779 sweden formally abolished the death penalty for witchcraft.
Many of those who were burned at the bonfire was executed before they were set on fire,
this was not the case with BrannhalladÀgan , she became the last witch to be executed with Bonfire..
Fine art nude, hecate, lilith
On this place, on this rock they killed her with a bonfire, the last witch in Sweden, we´ll never forget what they did to her.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Underground Girl & Czon @ Teufelsberg

Our super heroine; " Undergrrround Girl" fights stupidity around the world against everything and everyone who make stupid / dumbed things .
Right now she is seen as street art ( pastie ) where she shows her , " Fck off , Fck off , Fck off , fck U very much" in familiar places like : Heiligendamm ( G8) , Rostock, Potsdam and Berlin and others.
She will appear in Kuhlungsborn art gallery on the German Riviera between the 7th to 27th March at CZON 's exhibit and maybe also in Sweden 23march. .

Underground Girl has also managed to become permanent exhibited at the iconic abandoned spy base Teufelsberg in Berlin , nowdays called " Artbase Berlin" . A grand place on the devil's own mountain with the best street artists represented. CZON & Underground who had been there several times to work with his visual art tells us that they feel honored to be represented in this apocalyptic place that they love & that we had the confidence to come in and work there several times : it honors, TXH !

by : Riot Girl - Underground.will takeover
Ps . Do not miss vernissaget tomorrow at Kunsthalle Kuhlungsborn

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Czon Exhibit - Kunsthalle KĂŒhlungsbor / Ostsee Kunsthalle

Anonymous artist CZON from Sweden is again invited to participate in an exhibition in Germany.

Vernissage March 7 at 19.00 & yes; Czon will be there!
The exhibit lasts until the 23rd March - 2014.
Ostsee Kunsthalle ( Kunsthalle KĂŒhlungsborn ) on the German Riviera.

Czon will show portions of his works created during his German period 2013-2014. Some of these may be perceived as startling ;)

Monday, January 27, 2014

Fairytale part 1 - the shattering of abandonment

Fairytale from the Underground by Czon : "the shattering of abandonment"

Watching her tear apart, the silent regret, the shame and splitting, projection and denial, the unpleasant thoughts, the pretty on the outside and the ugly on the inside. the idealization and the chaos, the anthichrist, the descending angel, all I ever loved, all I ever wanted, all the things that are about to die, when Seneca falls

The Shattering, when hope and dreams are gone. devastated. despair and panic. the lost love, mortally wounded, you’ll die on the inside. severe pain, shock, sorrow. Grief

"When dividing the world into good or evil it maybe makes it easier to understand”
when the Underground fairytale dream come true, is often very fragile and just a paralys.

after I took this image we found the W.A.B Biblis,
This our hommage to her.

Saturday, January 18, 2014

Czon - Berlin, Pixie am Meer, Villa Baltic & Vampires

Upcoming Exhibitions & Work / Berlin 
We are currently working in the shadows and planning exhibitions and it just became clear that CZON will go back to Germany to work and exhibit in Berlin during 2014.
Will be back with the date, location etc when all contracts are completed.
In Berlin, we will try to work with our amazing Underground stringer; Melcha.
Picture above: the Essence of Villa Baltic / Kuhlungsborn.
Czon, Persephone, Pixie, Mermaid, Lorelai, Kuhlungsborn, German Riviera, siren on the borderline

Pixie am Meer / Exhibit 2014-present
Czon is now represented and on display at Gut Klein Bollhagen's gallery Nienhagen (Between Kuhlungsborg/Warnemunde) with the above image (and many others)
It is called "Am Meer" aka. "Pixie am meer" and shows the beutiful and deadly siren on the borderline (sea witch, mermaid, pixie) who caught Czon in her net,
a modern variant of the German Lorelai.
I wrecked myself totally into her, nearly drowned but I escaped  out of her net,
I survived somehow and managed to go on with my life.
Personally, I believe that she is still out there at the twilightzone dusk, somewhere between fantasy and reality.
There she is looking for new victims to get for cover up of her own pain, her emptiness.

The siren´s song are seduceded and easy to fall for...

The image has been shown several times in the German media (both in TV, newspapers and magazines) and is one of the exhibition's biggest with a width of 250cm.

All the works that are on display here is from period 2012/2014 and many of they were created along andwith the beautiful and deadly creature : Persephone from the Underground will take over.

Vampire Exhibit / Sweden 2015
Can also briefly mention that Czon in 2015 has a exhibition about vampires in Sweden.
Where  he will show his truth about those vampires whom he had met along his way in the purgatory.
Also a small part of the Swedish people of faith / folklore who has vampire tendencies will be there.

Saturday, December 7, 2013

Gosh, soon art exhibit at the German Riviera !!!

Doing some signing & framing for the exhibition at the Polar Stern in Kuhlungsborn at the beutiful German Riviera. Vernissage 11th of december, free entrence & yes;
Czon & Persephone from the Underground will be there! More updates to come or read here (link)