Sunday, November 9, 2014

DIE Mauer and the memory remains

I have worked in the old East or in what is popularly known as the former DDR/GDR.
Has been invited as artist in residence to create lasting art and then again to create works with an "impact" on the region. Spent a large part of 2013 and 2014 there.
It is so devastatingly beautiful, the people, the plastered facades that tries to hide all the broken cracks.
Mecklenburg with the German Riviera, perhaps one of the most beautiful places
with small towns Kuhlungsborn, Warnemunde, Heiligendamm.
The proximity to Berlin with the pulse, the dirt, the backstreets, the tempo and the pure decadence.
It's easy to fall in love with these places, I have done it,

The above picture I took in Mauerpark in central Berlin with the french model Melcha,
at the place where people just celebrated the 25-year anniversary of its fall,
The wall; it was the symbolic border between East and West, between democracy and dictatorship.
When you study the picture you can see a lot more of my thoughts on it.
The wall, the location, the breakup, loneliness, frailty, the fragile, fear, longing,
the woman, she´s naked but wearing a heavy dress of chains,
death and skeletons lurking at her feet,,
Who was she? Where was she? Then and now?
*Interpret me how you want, pour me full of answers!

As a swedish band once sang (Ebba Grön):
All the beautiful roses are wet, with the blood of your holy crusade.
and I will never forgive what happened at the wall.
I have thought a hell of a lot, a lot to escape.
I wanted to see her body, I wanted to caress her skin.
hear her voice, to be near her, I'll whisper in her ear;
We could live here ...

The image will be released in a small limited edition at Gallery Tres Hombres.

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