Czon - Info

Czon von Underground is a pseudonym for an Swedish artist and photographer.
Working with images of heroines, rugged tales and dark demeanors.
On display at museums and galleries.
Underound will take over:
Art collective with anonymous members and a lot of stringers.
The base in Underground are Czon, Persephone & Sidekick Jessica.
We have for some years been around Sweden and Europe with a camera and pen to document legends, folklore, fairy tales, trolls and all other of the beautiful seductive nude beings we encounters.
Lilith's dark demonic daughters have been constant companions.

The world is a sadder place without all manner of rugged beings, demons, forest green fairys, spring green elves, trolls and others who become almost extinct.
Many believe that it was Christianity who managed to stop the belief in oknytt, it is not!
It was the general schooling which recast ourselves in the same shape, the shape to not believe..
Czon & Underground will continue to spread the word on oknytt so they do not disappear completely.

Czon & så nära får ingen gå (close, under your skin)
an intimate and intrusive projects with genuine emotion.
More info will come about this work during 2014-2015.

Czon & Demons inside
a collaboration with Moa MW
then when the worlds fall, it's time for more.

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