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Permanent represented :
Tres Hombres Art / Halmstad – Sweden : Permanent represented since 2014.
Teufelsberg Artbase / Berlin – Germany : Permanent represented since 2014
Gut Klein Blollhagen/Nienhagen gallery - Germany : Permanent represented since 2013

Past exhibitions by Czon 2012 - 2017 :

Drottens kyrkoruin centrala Visby / Gotland art week 2017
Czon will take over Gotland.

Hallands konstmuseum/Halmstad 2016 
Czon and the Cluster B Fearytales

Galleri Agardh & Tornwall (Östermalm/Sthlm) 2015.
Icons - Women in photography (Czon, Albert Watson, Mary mcCartney, Terry o´Neill)

Galleri Blå Porten / Alby 2015
kepnader i skymningen 

Melleruds konstrum : 2015. 
Vampyrer som dränerat mig (Czon)

Komedianten / Varberg 2015
Essence of Baltic

Hallands Konstmuseum  2014 
Czon and my friends the Witches

Heist in Falkenberg feat: 
the Virgin of Ätran statue. 2014

Halmstad Teater 2014
Collection some

Teufelsberg Artbase / Berlin - Tyskland 2014
Underground Grrrl´s

Ostseebad Kunsthalle / German Riviera - Tyskland 2014 
Czon, German episodes

*Heist - Underground took over: Mjellby Art Museum 2014
*Heist - Underground took over; Röda Sten Art Museum 2014

Galleri Polar Stern / Kuhlungsborn - Tyskland (2013) 
Essences of the baltic riviera

Smålands Museum / Utvandrarnas hus Växjö 2013 & 2014
Vampyrer, Gengångare (2013/2014)

Hallands Konstmuseum 2013 
Vårsalongen (2013)

Hallands Kulturhistoriska Museum 
Vampyrer, gengångare, sexualitet & blodets magi (2012).

Kultur dag & natt - Varberg 2012 
Demons inside

Galleri Blå Porten / Öland 2012
Förföriska väsen & oknytt 

Artist in recidence / inventations. :
Artist in Residence / ”Mecklenburg Inspire” on the German Riviera (2013)
Invented by ”POP UP ART” England to create and exhbit (2014)
Artist in Residence / ”Kuhlungsborn ostseebad” (2014)
Invented to Berlin / Artbase Teufelsberg (2014 & 2015)

2012 > Czon lurked into the real world and had his first major exhibit.

The Swedish anonymous artist CZON & his artcollective ”Underground will take over” is now working with visual arts on the German Riviera

At the Kuhlungsborn Kunsthalle; he will show a few of the mysterious legends and seductive beings whom he had met on his visit at the German Riviera. Maybe you will get a glimpse of her;  she at the Mecklenburg coastline between Kuhlungsborn and Warnemundeshe? She who sometimes appear, down by the water, nude and sensitive and also is very fatal and dangerous ?
And who knows, maybe you will see :
*a glimpse or a memory of scattered times of the Villa Baltic (with the model Maria Christina Saracut)
*Rubezahl with the enchanting virgin portraitted by Björn and Luana.
*the ghost of Kröplin who has hunted Czon and Persephone during their stay in Germany,
*der Gespenserwald aka Skogsrå bie Nienhagen
*the mythical flowerheroine of Schwerin Castle, the Alma Mater of Rostock, der Mauer, Eve with several others.

Czon & Underground will take over; Facts :
Czon is a pseudonym for an Swedish artist. Working with installations, guerrilla art and with senseous images of heroines, rugged tales and dark demeanors. On display at several museums and galleries in Sweden.
Has only been operating for a short time but has been acclaimed by art exhibitors, museums and the media.
No one knows who hides behind the green mask he wears in public places.
Many believe that it is a well known artist, photographer or other media person behind the pseudonym.

He always surrounds himself with his art collective ”Underground will take over”.
The first sign of life from Czon was at the famous Blå Porten Gallery on Öland
Since then there has been a furious pace of shows and exhibitions. Czon is right now exhibiting at his third museum in Sweden. Czon now wants to take over Germany;)

Some quotes by Czon from his exhibits;
Think it’s my fear and fascination for women that makes my images.
If you look really closely, the men are always supporting roles, a shadow play and always inferior.”

The ethereal beauty of the female semblance conceals that they really are dangerous
like a great white shark in the most peaceful and deep water.”

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