Sunday, December 14, 2014

Eve of destruction - Czon at Teufelsberg

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Today, almost a year ago, I got access to the iconic and legendary Russian spy base Teufelsberg (Devil's Mountain) for my first time, it´s built on the ruins of the demolished Berlin.
This thanks to my friend and art broker Niklas Mascher on Brandinavia.
When the berlin wall fell in the former GDR they abandoned the complex and to go around there, amidst the abandoned's a strange feeling. Devastating beautiful, perhaps one of the world's last true utopian and apocalyptic places. The gates are guarded by "squatters" but many streetart performers have been admitted to enter the area to set up the great artwork.

Have been here several times, both alone and with models from all over the world,
the picture you can see in this post is the Italian model "Silblustorm" who played Eva in my visions,
She is the Eve of another twilight, maybe the BPD paradise,
she is the "Eve of Destruction" maybe in a broken future or is it a lost past?
I do not honestly know, she had the apple that she later broke with her Grrrl power.

The image comes from the series:
Eve of Destruction sold in Ostseebad Kunsthalle in March-May 2014.
Photo by CZON, Assist, stylin & makeup by Persephone, Model was Silblustorm.
A video from on of our shooting at Teufelsberg is available here: Czon in Germany
Other; I ill visit Sedish radio P4 again January 5, maybe a little more info on what's happening 2015;)

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