Monday, January 27, 2014

Fairytale part 1 - the shattering of abandonment

Fairytale from the Underground by Czon : "the shattering of abandonment"

Watching her tear apart, the silent regret, the shame and splitting, projection and denial, the unpleasant thoughts, the pretty on the outside and the ugly on the inside. the idealization and the chaos, the anthichrist, the descending angel, all I ever loved, all I ever wanted, all the things that are about to die, when Seneca falls

The Shattering, when hope and dreams are gone. devastated. despair and panic. the lost love, mortally wounded, you’ll die on the inside. severe pain, shock, sorrow. Grief

"When dividing the world into good or evil it maybe makes it easier to understand”
when the Underground fairytale dream come true, is often very fragile and just a paralys.

after I took this image we found the W.A.B Biblis,
This our hommage to her.

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