Saturday, January 18, 2014

Czon - Berlin, Pixie am Meer, Villa Baltic & Vampires

Upcoming Exhibitions & Work / Berlin 
We are currently working in the shadows and planning exhibitions and it just became clear that CZON will go back to Germany to work and exhibit in Berlin during 2014.
Will be back with the date, location etc when all contracts are completed.
In Berlin, we will try to work with our amazing Underground stringer; Melcha.
Picture above: the Essence of Villa Baltic / Kuhlungsborn.
Czon, Persephone, Pixie, Mermaid, Lorelai, Kuhlungsborn, German Riviera, siren on the borderline

Pixie am Meer / Exhibit 2014-present
Czon is now represented and on display at Gut Klein Bollhagen's gallery Nienhagen (Between Kuhlungsborg/Warnemunde) with the above image (and many others)
It is called "Am Meer" aka. "Pixie am meer" and shows the beutiful and deadly siren on the borderline (sea witch, mermaid, pixie) who caught Czon in her net,
a modern variant of the German Lorelai.
I wrecked myself totally into her, nearly drowned but I escaped  out of her net,
I survived somehow and managed to go on with my life.
Personally, I believe that she is still out there at the twilightzone dusk, somewhere between fantasy and reality.
There she is looking for new victims to get for cover up of her own pain, her emptiness.

The siren´s song are seduceded and easy to fall for...

The image has been shown several times in the German media (both in TV, newspapers and magazines) and is one of the exhibition's biggest with a width of 250cm.

All the works that are on display here is from period 2012/2014 and many of they were created along andwith the beautiful and deadly creature : Persephone from the Underground will take over.

Vampire Exhibit / Sweden 2015
Can also briefly mention that Czon in 2015 has a exhibition about vampires in Sweden.
Where  he will show his truth about those vampires whom he had met along his way in the purgatory.
Also a small part of the Swedish people of faith / folklore who has vampire tendencies will be there.

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