Sunday, September 21, 2014

Space Invader, Grrrl & Czon - Art coup at Mjellby Konstmuseum.

Homage "art-heist/coup" on Mjellby art museum in Halmstad at the opening of: Woman - international feminist avant-garde from the 1970s.
However, we are self more at home in the Riot Grrrl punk movement but wanted to show our appreciation for the early feminist avant-garde art. We chose eight images of our works depicting strong conquering women who do not take any crap. Two of  the pictures show our own "Underground Grrrl" (see previous post)
The works were hung during the inauguration on the gallery walls.
A few curious visitors were lively and discovered the coup, they applauded silently and came with appreciative comments.

The picture above was taken by; Ms.Mindfckr and represents a genuine Space Invader art brick from his last visit in Halmstad and a "propaganda Grrrl" and also Czon from Underground will take over ..

There is one more Space Invader piece in Halmstad but it has "accidentally" been paint over.
I hope one day they scrape up the art again.Just Space Invader is my own personal favorite of street performers, even slightly better than Shepard Fairey, Faile, MBW, Banksy and co.
soon; ,, 8h.oct & the new era of art to come ...
Absolut Switzerland, or was it in Sweden ?

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  1. Hi, you said that there is one more Space Invader piece in Halmstad, which has been paint over... do you know where it is? Thanks!