Thursday, March 6, 2014

Underground Girl & Czon @ Teufelsberg

Our super heroine; " Undergrrround Girl" fights stupidity around the world against everything and everyone who make stupid / dumbed things .
Right now she is seen as street art ( pastie ) where she shows her , " Fck off , Fck off , Fck off , fck U very much" in familiar places like : Heiligendamm ( G8) , Rostock, Potsdam and Berlin and others.
She will appear in Kuhlungsborn art gallery on the German Riviera between the 7th to 27th March at CZON 's exhibit and maybe also in Sweden 23march. .

Underground Girl has also managed to become permanent exhibited at the iconic abandoned spy base Teufelsberg in Berlin , nowdays called " Artbase Berlin" . A grand place on the devil's own mountain with the best street artists represented. CZON & Underground who had been there several times to work with his visual art tells us that they feel honored to be represented in this apocalyptic place that they love & that we had the confidence to come in and work there several times : it honors, TXH !

by : Riot Girl - Underground.will takeover
Ps . Do not miss vernissaget tomorrow at Kunsthalle Kuhlungsborn

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