Tuesday, March 18, 2014

the last witch on the bonfire - street art / cultural sign

Fine art nude, nude, naked, art, arty, culture,
Underground will take over continues their fight for goblins, beings, witches and all other of Lilith's offsprings.
Now it was time for our seventh (street art) cultural sign to come up. (See video - link here)
It is a  legend/tale from a dark time in our history that has been forgotten. This is our way of honor her.
During a long dark night under a full moon in 2013 Czon met her and here is her story :

the Burned hall (rock) witch aka. Brännhalladägan.
A forgotten and repressed history of Sweden's last burned witch.

Beside a private road in Eftra between Falkenberg and Halmstad, one can at dusk and during the night see her guise, naked with retinue of unknown bright or a kind of dazzling fire light walking along the road.
She is said to be the last witch in Sweden who was burned to death.
They took her life with a bonfire at this rock .
According to residents in the area, you can often hear her sobbing and crying in the night.

On this place, a long time ago, on these rocks, she was executed whit fire,
Someone carved in Roman script and runes : "For offenses against religion, the witch was burned of the fire of God. King Karl. Fundahn erose".
The text was probably written by the priest Rasmus Fundahns son Sven ( 1684-1763 ) .

In 1930 the text was rediscovered by dr.Thorsten Friedlander who had been told about the location of the patients who saw the witch or her guise at dusk, those started to suffer from her curse .
They described that they felt great shame and guilt for the crimes we and the church subjected her to ..

This Cultural sign is a gift from: " Underground will take over" who raised it in March 2014.

Trivia: Genesis says " a sorceress Thou shalt not suffer to live "
1559 executed the first witch in Sweden. The worst times was the persecution around 1660 when over 300 womans were accused of witchcraft, officially the last witch in Sweden executed was Anna Ersdotter 1704.
However they tortured several 1757 for witchcraft. 1779 sweden formally abolished the death penalty for witchcraft.
Many of those who were burned at the bonfire was executed before they were set on fire,
this was not the case with Brannhalladägan , she became the last witch to be executed with Bonfire..
Fine art nude, hecate, lilith
On this place, on this rock they killed her with a bonfire, the last witch in Sweden, we´ll never forget what they did to her.

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