Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Vernissage - Hallands Konstmuseum 23/3 - Welcome

Hey, its time for Vernissage : Hallands Konstmuseum "Vårsalong" 
Time : Sunday 23/3 at 14.00 (Halmstad). Exhibit : 23mars until 18maj - 2014.

For those of you who heard the radio interview on P4 this morning: 
I never had the time to tell you: 
You can see more of Burned Hall witch at Halland Art Museum's Spring Salon in Halmstad,
and more of our witches like Blue Virgo af Blåkulla (Swedens brocken), the Andromeda Hallandica
& also Gatustens-chey which is my homage to Sture & Ninna (the org,UG) for Haschflickan 69.
*Soo hell yes, come by !

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