Monday, March 24, 2014

Czon von Underground @ art museum Halland @ ostseebad kunsthalle

Czon @ Ostseebad Kunsthalle / Germany March 2014
Exhibition Germany 
Gosh, just came back home to Sweden from Germany where I am exhibited at the Ostseebad Kunsthalle in Kuhlungsborn. I also once more went back to Teufelsberg and Im now exhibited there with an Czon Underground Girl.

Exhibition Sweden, vernissage 23 march
Today I visited the vernissage at Hallands art museum where I participate,
(there is also a "big art happening" in Sthlm)
the museum is our county museum for art in Halland / Sweden)
It was crazy, just loved it from my hearth.
There were visitors from everywhere & not all of the them could get into the vernissage at once, instead they had to stay in the stairs for a long time before they got in. But everyone was happy.

the exhibit is ongoing until the 18th of may 2014.

This year I´ll work in secret with my project :
as close as no one may go,,,...
Will also work and do some exhibitions in Germany and a lot more gerilla art.
More info to come

See ya all soon / Czon von Underground

Image above :
Czon at Ostseebad Kunsthalle (Germany)

Image below
Czon & Shewolf at Art Museum of Halland (Swe)

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