Thursday, June 5, 2014

Underground will take over England ?

Czon´s "Underground Grrl" have now been exhibited around Europe in galleries and are also represented at the iconic streetart area of Artbase Teufelsberg in the centre of Berlin.
She has also been seen as streetart in cities like Berlin, Potsdam. Rostock, Gothenburg and more.

Made this English "We came in Peace" for an upcoming exhibit,
We think its time for our UG-Grrl to take over England.

Read more about UG Girl and some of her Riot´s here :
Underground Grrl @teufelsberg and as streetart
Underground Grrl @röda sten - art heist (swedish, use translate)
Underground Grrl @Börgerende/Berlin streetart (swedish - use translate)
Underground Grrl @then we take Berlin

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