Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the spectre & revenants of Källa abandoned church

Cultural attraction; nuisance, legends and folklore. Källa ödekyrka.
(the spectre & revenants fate of Källa abandoned church by Czon)
The above sign mounted by "Underground will take over" at Källa abandoned church during a guerrilla-raid for arts & folklore

Fact: In a race to stop the evil nuisance and beings so were the building sanctified 1166 to St.Olof. & became a church. 1888 the Church fell into disuse and was abandoned.

Outside the North and Northwest side they buried all unclean deaths and self droppings.
One theory about the great lying gravestones found here is that they are there to "secure" the buried so that they would not come back again after their demise. They piled fixed the deceased with oak & put the heavy gravestones of those buried so they could not come back as ghosts.

The latest one knows who was buried on the north side of the church is the famously beautiful Linnea who was murdered on Christmas 1884, when she was pregnant outside of marriage and was therefore declared as unclean.

Neighbors to Källa deserted church say they often hear noises during the night and they see a female being walk around with a large lantern.
We, the fiends of Källa deserted church, 

we know that the password is 17 and that the answer is hidden inside the church.

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