Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the Blue Virgin Witch

Cultural attraction sign; nuisance, legends and folklore. Blå Jungfrun.
(the blue virgin, Blåkulla / Blakulla/Blocula/Brocken - witch, by Czon )
The above sign mounted in autumn 2011 by "Underground will take over" at Byrums Raukar and Byxelkroken on Öland during a guerrilla coup for arts & folklore
Blue Virgin Island (Blåkulla / Blakulla/Blocula/Brocken) is best known for being the Swedish realm very own witch mountain, the place where the devil at all unmentionable ways socialized with witches during Maundy Thursday night.
The oldest written source from 1400 century called her "Blaakulla". Olaus Magnus says in his "History of the Northern Peoples" from 1555 that "On this mountain the Nordic witches hold meetings, to try his tricks and signerier". 
Many stories and court records attest for centuries thereafter Blåkulla is the place for witches' sabbath. Although Linnaeus agree with the choir and says that Blåkulla is dedicated to Pluto not Neptune.

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