Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the divine Virgo aka. Lady Maid of Borgholm

Cultural attraction; nuisance, legends and folklore. Slottsjungfun Borgholm 
(the divinity virgin maiden of Borgholmens castle aka the deadeye suicide witch)
The above sign mounted by "Underground will take over" at Borgholm Castle on Öland during a guerrilla coup for arts & folklore

Fact : the Virgin well was part of the medieval castle. The well is carved directly into the limestone rock to a depth of 54 meters, the Well and the tower has been named after a legend about a young maiden of unrequited love drowned herself in the well. Her dead body floated afterwards into a source on the Blue Virgin island (Blaakula/Blåkulla/Blå Jungfrun) out of the Kalmar Strait.
In folklore was the well connected with the Virgin Blue island. 

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