Sunday, December 23, 2012

the divine heroine : Eve of Christmas,..

Christmas Eve, is the night when the fairy tale beings come to visit.
In all the Nordic countries people believed that this night,
evil spectres, mysterious, dangerous supernaturals and beeings celebrated Christmas more then the mortals.

Especially churches are vulnerable to beings of folklore, many legends tell of evil spirits stroking people with insanity and death when they arrived early for the matins.

about the picture :
and She which standeth at the ancient church is not who you think ...
maybe she was around long before birth of Christ, even earlier ? 
Maybe she gave the apple to Eve?
maybe She is the antichrist, the beast or ... the Eve of Christmas

You might recognize some shapes around the church,

Christmas has of various researchers considered a fertility celebration, or a Sun Festival, or a feast for the dead.sed ancestors. If the idea is fundamentally pagan, it has received a Christian belief. (Ebbe Schön - Folktrons år / 1989)

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