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Lucia or Lucifer ? the Midwinter blot and solstice.

This night is the longest and darkest night, it is now you must take the opportunity to celebrate the return of light with a midvinterblot .. In folklore, this night is dangerous and you should not go to sleep because "oknytten" is out and ravage freely.

the winter solstice was celebrated on the night of Lucia (13th december),
a diary dated 1702 states: this is the longest night, the cold and the unpleasant winter begins.
the Lucia vigal is said to derive from the winter solstice.
The elderly chose to put the name on the 13th day of december to Lucia, 
it was because they believed that Lucifer was in operation through the darkness with his entourage.

The Swedish Lucia celebration has never had any connections to Saint Lucia! 
The traditional Lucia celebration in Sweden became public in 1927 when a daily newspaper organized the first Lucia procession through the capital city.

The Lucia we know in Sweden paraphrased the first time in 1764 when a man dressed as a woman in a white dress, with candles in the hair and wearing angel wings,,,

which is reminiscent of another legend in theology: 
Lucifer, which means light bringer aka. Morning Star.
According to Isaiah: the king of Babylon, called the "radiant morning star" (Lucifer) descended  on Earth and later, according to Luke 10:18, Jesus said  "I saw Satan fall from heaven like a heather fire."

Which quickly leads on to our mission in Underground will take over!

The devil, according to old legends was an angel. He was thrown from the sky and fell on the ground and on to the underworld. When he fell, he pulled with all his large entourage of evil spirits. 
They rained down for three days. Those who fell into the lakes and rivers were sjörån (mermaids & sirens) and necks, they ended up at the houses and farms became elves and gnomes. 
In the forests they became the forest creatures (skogsrå, nymphs) and among the mountains they became giants, trolls and dragons. (the pic above is an old pic from the archive)

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