Sunday, September 16, 2012

Exhibit Varberg on Culture Day & Night 2012

Czon & Underground will exhibit at the culture day & night in Varberg/Sweden,
It gives us some incentive to see our art at dusk, outdoor on autumn nights with moonshadows..
Have chosen to participate in this year and if all goes as planned :,
Källa ödekyrka

Underground will take over will show a little of what we do,
Of course we promise the dark essence, rugged & more from our world,

The picture above is from our exhibition at Gallery Blå Porten, it represents the beautiful & murdered maiden who came back from the dead and now wanders Källa deserted church, and the cemetery next to the ancient catacombs:

Czon will exhibit with images from the ongoing art project "Demons inside

It is the first time we displayed anything from project carried out in collaboration with Moa MW.

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