Saturday, June 23, 2012

Skogsrået eradicated by the wolf ?

the set of the movies of twilight ?
According to Czon this may be the connection to the origin of myths set in many popular movies like twilight and others where vampires are at war with werewolves.

The swedish entity Skogsrå (a female forest creature) is often described to be a vampire in older Swedish folklore. The stories about her are many. She shall, according to some folklore  be a bloodsucking, naked, seductive, cold and dangerous female being, especially for men.
Read below some of many older impaired legends from Sweden about her & the wolwes.

Father told me that wolves hunted skogsrå.
There were many who had seen such hunting. Wolves ended the skogrårna.
(Lantbr.A Jansson f.1850, written down 1931)

In western Sweden, says the many memoret that the wolf was after the skogsrå.
(Skogsrået in yngre Nordic folktro / Gunnar Granberg 1935)

& yes,
We, who know or have faced skogsrået, we love her / Czon
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