Thursday, October 18, 2012

the Water Sprite aka.the Nacker

Somewhere at the Baltic rim, in the cold sea, she´s naked at the beach.
If you look really closely, you will see, feel sensation, the sensation of,,,
the Water Sprite aka.the Nacker, his swedish name is Näcken or the Bäckahorse.

He is not good for you if you are a single woman, a virgin.
With his racket, you will drown by his charm, you re his victim...

As usual, I have been poor at look for galleries to exhibit at,
somehow still 2-3 exhibitors noticed our art,
has received inquiries about exhibitions, among others from museum
think we soothers at some of them.

"Czon" & "Underground will take over" continues the crusade for oknytten in the shadows.
I will in 2013 work with a completely different art photo projects beside Underground.
Will present a glimpse of it on Culture Day & Night (Kultur Dag&Natt-Varberg) on October 27.

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