Sunday, November 10, 2013

Czon & Persephone; Art & artist on the German Riviera

We are now on the German Riviera, at a mansion residents named Gut Klein Bollhagen located between Kuhlungsborn & Heiligendamm. We are invited here as "Artist in Residence" to create permanent art for Mecklenburg and their inhabitants. Today we have been here over a week and we will stay until mid to late December. Dr.Udo Schaper who is our host and Albrecht Kuhrbjun which are initiatives relevant recipients: You are doing a great job, Thank you!

Can tell you all that we are busy and we have managed to do street art and guerilla art a la "underground will take over" in Rostock, Schwerin, Heiligendamm and Kuhlungsborn.
Hopefully we can show you some of it on this blog or on our newly started instagram (follow us)
Exhibit is opening on 11 December 2013 at Polar Stern, more info soon.
Until then, we will continue our antics for the entitys and essence here in Germany.

We are also working on a statue,,, As before the exhibition maybe will pop up somewhere in the old eastern germany.... Can mention that we also have had time to photograph a masculine seductive beings called Rubezahl who was portrayed by Norwegian Bjorn and a beautiful beings in the famous Gespenserwald bei Nienhagen / the Ghostwood Niehagen who was portrayed by Luana.
The coming weeks we are booked with many photo models, some of them unknown and some of them familiar from magazines like Vogue / Elle and ID. Looking forward to meet tou all.

Also found some new articles in the Swedish media about Czon & Persephone from the "Underground will take over".
Check them out at our page > Czon - Press

With love from Czon & Persephone / Underground will take over!

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