Monday, October 28, 2013

Underground will take over-poster. Exhibit in Varberg

Made a last quick photo exhibition in Varberg / Sweden (Culture Day & Night ) before our departure to Germany. This was our last show of the year in Sweden in addition to our ongoing exhibition at Småland Museum (continues until December 2013 )
Our images at the exhibit attracted far more attention than we ever imagined.
We loved to read and follow the debates about our images and to read all of the positive and negative comments on forum such as facebook/blogs,
we learned a lot of new things about ourself that we never known before ;)

Underground will take over.
The image in this blogpost shows Czon 's interpretation of Sture Johannesson 's iconic poster " haschgirl " as he did in 1969 for Lund Konsthall, Czon named his contemporary homage to the original undergrounders ; Sture & Ninna for "cobblestone -girl" aka. "Go Riot Girl"

The original image, the No 1/1 appeared on the show ( and was reserved by a buyer)
A poster of the work will also be printed in a minimum limited edition for the 5ppl who ordered the poster during the day at the exhibit and for those who wants to order before we print. (in a week or two)
The edition will be limited , exclusive and a minimum of 10 to 20x will be printed on matte paper .
Size 70 - 100cm, signed by Czon/model and numbered .
For more info about order a print/poster of "cobblestone girl" 
contact us via email asap if interested.

Artist in Regancy, the Germany tour;
We now look forward to seeing you all ; organizers, managers , models, helpers, exhibitors , galleries, and anyone who wants to help us. We will stay just outside Kuehlungsborn on Gut Klein Bollhagen and of course; the Underground will take over. Peace & Love / Czon & Underground.

btw: we have just started a instagram,
Pls,follow us there for updates :

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