Monday, March 11, 2013

Czon - Exhibit at Smålands Museum / Utvandrarnas hus - Sweden

Maran i mardrömmen. Blod, vampyrer, varulvar
More info about the above Press Release from Czon and Underground

Czon and the art collective "Underground will take over" is exhibiting with a photo exhibition at the Culture Park Småland (Smalands Museum) / House of Emigrants.

We will contribute our interpretations of folkloric seductive and deadly creatures/essence.
The famous original image "wolf kills Skogsrå" who provoked, was loved and hated at Halland cultural Musem in 2012 will be featured at the exhibition

Besides photography Czon will also show a small part of his private collection that contains objects in this genre from a few thousand years before Christ until today's pop art & Toys.

We wish you all welcome / Czon & co.

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