Tuesday, November 6, 2012

the female cemetery spirit - walk me to the graveyard

Swedish skogsra, Wood spririts, wood nymph, spring, Nixies, Pixies, Metsänhaltia, Metshaldjas, Rhinemaidens, Woglinde, Wellgunde, Floßhilde, Sidhe, Rusalki, Rúsalka, Naken, Dames Blanches, Dames Vertes, photo
Here in the twilight zone, it happens a lot of interesting things.
We´re having conversations with several Art Museum and other galleries.
Seems like there is some essence and trolls to meet up with and portray in 2013.

Above: an older image that we selected for our catalog for the latest exhibition.
It depicts
Svartrået Bolla (the dark wood siren Bolla) at one of Falkenberg old & demolished churches,
It is rumored that she is seen there at the graveyard during the night.
She guards the abandoned cemetery as a dangerous, raw & naked demon.
As a midnight Lilith, a lonely NatRavn, a Rusalki nightmare,
as a sensation along your spine,
as a feeling that does not want to let go,
tingles of pleasure, desire and fear,
as autumn's last gasp.
If you ever visit this magical place,
do not forget to sacrifice to the guarding dragon.

Trivia: Bolla had a town named after her: Svartrå (outside Falkenberg)
The dragon that requires sacrifices are located in the citadel, near döda dem..

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